Monday, January 9, 2012

The Westing Game

Well, I know this blog hasn't been used much lately, but I had a baby 3 weeks ago and have discovered that reading while I'm nursing helps keep me sane (especially in the middle of the night). So Anna, make sure you're well stocked on good books to read!

Newberry Award Winner

This was a great book! I have to admit when I first started reading it I was a little skeptical. It's a murder mystery with a lot of adult characters for a Children's novel, well, a lot of characters in general. It was hard to keep them all straight, especially since the author switches perspectives constantly, and most the characters I didn't even like. But I stuck with it and I was glad I did! You get to know the characters as they get to know each other and every single character has an arc, changing throughout the story. The plot is just predictable enough that you feel ahead of the game, yet there were startling surprises throughout and a terrific ending. I highly recommend this as a book that makes you think and keeps you guessing!

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